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The Becoming Of An Artist

Updated: Jan 17

Patricia Houston - Bio

Patricia Houston is an Abstract & Semi Impressionist Artist, which focuses her work on creating positive mindset paintings by illustrating colorful, joyful, and mindful artwork. Patricia was born in a small village in the Dominican Republic, and for almost the past twenty years Patricia has been residing in the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast region of the United States, primarily New Jersey with the exception of a few years In Pennsylvania. Patricia started painting at a young age therefore, Patricia Identified herself as a self-taught artist - due to the fact, that by the time she took an art class, she was already painting and trying different techniques, mediums, and subjects for a long time. Patricia believes that art is a very individualistic skill and that she would like to continue preserving the uniqueness of her style, but for her - art is a never-stop-learning subject as it is a combination of intuitive skills and external learning as a whole.  Patricia shared, that the first time she came across an art class, she was terrified because she enjoys expending time alone painting - which explains some aspects of her somehow introverted personality; therefore that experience of having to paint in a classroom was terrifying. Patricia recalls, always seating at the end of the classroom, and in one of her lessons, the art professor approached her and asked her how many art classes she had taken - Patricia replied, none; then the professor asked if she paint, and suggested that she should consider being an art therapist, and to never stop painting because her style was very unique. Patricia replied, that she did not paint, meaning publicly -  but that she paint alone and that she was taking that specific art class to fulfill one of the requirements for the Psychology major that she was trying to pursue. Back then, Patricia had already sold some oil paintings locally but never called herself an artist. Patricia believed that - that specific experience was the moment that something inside herself knew that she was not just painting, but that her calling was to be an artist in combination with promoting mental health and a positive mindset through colorful, joyful, and mindful artwork. Professionally, Patricia has been painting since 2011 with a few gaps in between; moreover, for several years, she has been painting consistently while continues collaborating in the mental health field. 

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