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Floral Artwork Print

Floral Artwork Print

$25.00 Regular Price
$16.25Sale Price

Available in 3 Sizes-  additional sizes as requested


5" W x 7"H = 

7" W  x 9" H=

9" W x 11"H  =


Prints Materials  - Ultra Premium Print Art/Semi - Hard Paper


Phone: 973-931-9394 

Signed: Yes

Light Colors Edition is on its way

As an artist and as an active mental health advocate, this is what I want to illustrate in this collection.

Once Upon A Time, I had a dream - but I did not want to be perfect - I just want to be me. The same happen to each one of us - there was a moment in our lives when we wanted to be ourselves, so what happened? Sometimes in the midst of looking for perfection, we get lost, and we give up on our dreams. In this collection, this is exactly what I want to illustrate - because we do not have to "be perfect" to be perfect - we just have to be our best - and that is what matters. 


To learn more about me 

Here is the link to my YouTube Channel there you are going to find videos for personal growth, motivational videos, some of my artwork, my studio, and more...

Thank you very much and have a blessed day!

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