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Original Watercolor Floral Artwork - Size 10"H x 8" W On A Stretched Canvas

Original Watercolor Floral Artwork - Size 10"H x 8" W On A Stretched Canvas


This original artwork titled "Emotions" is a stunning watercolor floral painting created on a stretched canvas. Measuring 10 inches in height and 8 inches in width, this artwork captures the delicate beauty of flowers in a vibrant and expressive manner.


Using the medium of watercolor,  skillfully I blended colors to depict a bouquet of flowers, showcasing the richness and versatility of this medium. The floral arrangement is meticulously painted, with each petal and leaf intricately detailed. The vibrant hues of the flowers create a sense of liveliness and evoke a range of emotions.


This artwork is signed, ensuring its authenticity and adding value to its collectability. The signature is discreetly placed in the bottom corner of the artwork, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.


"Emotions" was created in the spring of 2023, capturing the freshness and beauty of the season. My choice of subject matter reflects the emotions and feelings associated with the blooming of flowers, evoking a sense of joy, serenity, and renewal.


To ensure a seamless buying experience, this artwork comes with free shipping. The artwork will be carefully packaged to preserve its integrity during transit and delivered to your doorstep without any additional charges.


This original watercolor floral artwork, Emotions, is a captivating piece that will add elegance and vibrancy to any space. Its size and medium make it perfect for showcasing in a frame or displayed on its own. Invest in this exquisite artwork and bring a touch of natural beauty and emotions into your home or office.


Original Artwork Watercolor Floral

Name: Emotions

Medium: Watercolor On A Stretched Canvas

Size"10"H x 8" W 

Signed:  Yes

Year of creation: Spring 2023

Free Shipping


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