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Signed Print Artwork - Unframed

Signed Print Artwork - Unframed


Ultra Premium hard art print paper




Additional sizes available as request

SunFall Collection 2022 A3. In this artwork I continue to give life to the SunFall collection 2022 as it continues developing into a more clear concept of the theme- I started this collection with a rough abstract piece; then moved to a more soft abstract artwork. Therefore while creating the original piece I was looking to transcend from the Abstract concept to a Semi Abstract artwork - mixed with a light impressionistic style, without losing the original meaning of the whole collection - which was to illustrate the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall Abstractically; and then, ending it with a Semi Abstract / Semi Impressionistic style. 

Free Shipping Within USA. 
Text, call, or email for more information if needed. 

Unframed Signed Print

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