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Signed Prints Available in 3 Different Sizes

Signed Prints Available in 3 Different Sizes


Sizes In Inches:

This artwork Illustrates the beauty of Nature in flowers. I love the idea of creating this painting utilizing an abstract and Semi impressionistic style as it gives a sense of beauty but also a sense of handmade artwork. This painting is a multi-color painting that will easily enhance any room in need of color, good vibes, and some sunshine. Free Shipping within the USA - will be shipped as soon as payment is received.

Artwork Name: Harmonious Flowers


Available in 3 different sizes:

Available in 3 Sizes-  additional sizes as requested


5" W x 7"H = 25

7" W  x 9" H= 30

9" W x 11"H  =35


Style: Abstract & Semi Impressionistic

Signed: Yes

Shipping: Free  & delivery as soon as payment has been received 

Questions: Submit your questions or reach out via email or phone call - we will contact you within 24 hrs.


Phone: 973-931 -9394 

Thank you for shopping with us 

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