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The Perception Of Abstract Art 2023!

As an Abstract & Semi - Impressionist Artist, there is something so special and so mystical about creating a painting with beautiful colors and bold characters - but illustrating what?

As someone who mainly focus my work on creating Abstract & Semi-Impressionism art - I can tell you that I love painting utilizing this style because I usually compare this style with real life situations - to me - life is just an abstract version of everything - because life is hard to explain and to fully understand it, but yet we love this life despite all the uncertainties that we find throughout the way.

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Buy Artwork Here

Thus, the same way that sometimes is hard for us to fully understand an artwork ; in life the same thing happens, because to me what we call life - it is an abstract of the whole concept of our existence - we go thought life seeing and perceiving things; however, our perception sometimes can deviated from what in fact could be the reality; the same thing happens, when you see an artwork, you perception of what you see in that artwork can deviated from the real meaning of the piece - and to me that is the beauty of life -

we do not always have to fully understand everything, we just need to be open to enjoy that experience and the journey of understand that it could be just a perception of the reality - Just a thought - from an artist perspective.

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